Refurbished Telescopic Conveyor Installation at Fat Face

refurbished loaderJP Conveyors Ltd are proud to announce the installation of a refurbished telescopic conveyor at Fat Face’s new distribution center in Havant, Portsmouth.

The Customer: Fat Face

From two friends designing sweatshirts in the French Alps in 1988, Fat Face has grown into a successful brand with over 200 stores across the UK and Ireland and a high performing website offering delivery to customers worldwide.

Fat Face requested a solution which could cope with a range of parcel and package weights and sizes.  The solution would need capability to feed from three floors via 2 gravity chutes. It would also acheter viagra need to traverse across two loading bays.

Our Solution: Refurbished Telescopic Conveyor

Our refurbished Cal-Jan CB4 telescopic conveyor was the perfect solution for this dispatch operation.

refurbished telescopic conveyor

The conveyor has a 7.5m main casing and extends to 13.5m (44.3ft). This makes the unit ideal for reaching over a dock leveller and also into the rear of a 40ft trailer.

The specification included a man-rider platform fitted with 2 pedal switches to enable hydraulic elevation. Operators can therefore position themselves effectively when loading. We fitted the boom with an 800mm wide belt, allowing two operators to comfortably work out of the man-rider platform.

We installed the loader on floor mounted rails allowing it to traverse between the two loading bays. The conveyor was also installed with a flashing beacon and start up siren, as well as a 4-tier light and switch system. These features allow the conveyor operator to communicate the loader position and loading status with operators at each in-feed on all three floors. The addition of speed control also aids the operator to manage peaks in throughput.



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