Pallet handling systems

pallet handling system

Pallet Handling Systems include all products and equipment used to process goods stored on pallets or other types of load carrier for heavy goods.

Our Pallet Handling systems are designed to handle the pallets in all areas and environments such as:

  • Goods receiving
  • Storage areas
  • Production and palletizing and de-palletizing
  • For picking and customizing pallets
  • Packing and shipping areas

Applications in production

Pallet Handling Systems are required in production process to transport and buffer raw material or semi-finished products. The goods are transported on pallets, in containers or in customized racks between production areas or machines. The process often requires ergonomically designed workstations, robot-handling equipment and AS/RS as buffer storage, AGV (Automated guided vehicles) are often used to transfer pallets, which contributes to a more open production environment.